Programming Fundamentals

Decision & Loops Control Statements, Function, Array, and Pointers


Object-Oriented Programming in C++

Class, Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Code Reusability Techniques, Function Overloading, Function Overriding, Virtual/Static/Friend Functions


Java Programming

Java Packages & Interfaces, Java Exception Handling, Java Multithreading, Java Applets, Java AWT & Java Servlets


Digital Logic & Computer Design

Number System, Logic Gates, Boolean Algebra, Sequential & Combinational Logic Circuits


Information & Communication Technology

Introduction to Computer (Data & Information), Computer Memory,  Central Processing Unit (CPU or Processor or Microprocessor), Introduction to Data Communication & Networking, Introduction to Database, Computer and society, Window Operating System, Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Use Google - Chrome to search the World Wide Web, use email, download and print graphics


Data Communication & Networking

Topologies, Flow Control, and Network Layers, Protocols, Error Detection, and Correction  Techniques, Data Link Layer Protocols, MAC Layer Protocols, Transport Layer Protocols, Application Layer Protocols, Bridging, Multiplexing, Addressing and AODV/AOMDV, SIP/VoIP, POP3, SMTP


Operating System

Process, Memory, File Management, Red-Hat Linux, Mac-OS, and MS/Windows of all type


Computer Organization & Assembly Language

Introduction To Computer Systems, Representing And Manipulating Information, Machine-Level Representation Of Programs, And Processor Architecture


Microprocessor & Assembly Language

Microprocessor, Bus Structure (Address, Data and Control). Introduction to Registers and Flags, Addressing Modes, Instruction sets including Data Movement, Arithmetic, Logic and Programme Control, Stack and its operation and Peripheral Control Interrupts, Introduction to the Assembler and Debugger, Manipulate and translate machine and assembly code and Describe actions inside the processing chip


Information Security

Basic notions of confidentiality, integrity, availability; authentication models; protection models; security kernels; Encryption, Hashing, and Digital  Signatures; audit; intrusion detection and response; database security, host-based and network-based security issues operational security issues; physical security issues; personnel security; policy formation and enforcement; access controls; information flow; legal and social issues; identification and authentication in local and distributed systems; classification and trust modeling; risk assessment


Digital Signal Processing

One and N-dimensional signals and systems, Sampling theorem, Discrete-time Fourier transform, discrete Fourier transform, fast Fourier transform, transform: stability and minimum phase signals/systems, Linear filtering of signal: Time-domain: Difference equations and convolution, Impulse invariance, bilinear transform, FIR filter design, 2D filter design, Statistical signal processing: Stochastic signals: correlation functions and power density spectra, Optimal filtering: Wiener filters, Adaptive filters: LMS and array processing.


Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Introduction; Asymptotic notations; Recursion and recurrence relations; Divide-and-conquer approach; Sorting; Search trees; Heaps; Hashing; Greedy approach; Dynamic programming; Graph algorithms; Shortest paths; Network flow; Disjoint Sets; Polynomial and matrix calculations; String matching; NP-complete problems; Approximation algorithms.


Compiler Construction

Introduction to interpreter and compiler. Compiler techniques and methodology; Organization of compilers; Lexical and syntax analysis; Parsing techniques. Types of parsers, top-down parsing, bottom-up parsing, Type checking, Semantic analyzer, Object code generation and optimization, detection and recovery from errors.