Teaching experience of the following subjects

1. Programming Fundamentals (Decision Control, Loops Control, Function, Array, and Pointers)

2. Object-Oriented Programming (Class, Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Code Reusability Techniques, Function Overloading/overriding, Virtual/Static/Friend Functions)

3. Java Programming (Java Packages & Interfaces, Java Exception Handling, Java Multithreading, Java Applets, Java AWT & Java Servlets)

4. Digital Logic & Computer Design (Number System, Logic Gates, Boolean Algebra, Sequential & Commbinational Logic Circuits)

5. Information & Communication Technology (Windows 10, MS Office and HTML)

6. Data Communication & Networking (Topologies, Flow Control, and Network Layers, Protocols, Error Detection, and Correction  Techniques, Data Link Layer Protocols, MAC Layer Protocols, Transport Layer Protocols, Application Layer Protocols, Bridging, Multiplexing, Addressing and AODV/AOMDV, SIP/VoIP, POP3, SMTP)

7. Operating System (Process, Memory, File Management, Red-Hat Linux, Mac-OS, and Windows of all type)

8. Computer Architecture (Intel 8085/8086 Microprocessor Architecture, Assembly Language and IBM PC Structure in details)

9. Network Strategies

10. Information Security

11. Analysis of Algorithm

12. Database System

13. Data Structure and Algorithm

14. Discrete Structure

15. Software Engineering (Agil, Green, and Empirical)